Alternate Investment Funds

Alternate Investment Funds (AIF’s) usually include real estate, private equity, hedge funds and venture capital funds or investments in stocks and bonds using strategies that go beyond traditional ways of investing, such as long/short or arbitrage strategies. Because alternatives tend to behave differently than typical stock and bond investments, adding them to a portfolio may provide broader diversification, reduce risk, and enhance returns. Shree Sai Shraddha Investments is empanelled with exceptional third-party AIF providers so that investors can diversify their portfolio and benefit from their high-return opportunities in the long- run.

In order to cater to product diversification need, it is essential to understand and invest in alternate investment sources. Cross-over product provided by Shree Sai Shraddha Investments is one such example of Alternate Investment Fund. This fund invests in last-stage private equity and pre-IPO of high quality enterprises. Unless invested through AIF funds, retail customers doesn’t get privilege to participate in private equity investments.

Private equity is nothing but fund raising requirement raised by corporate enterprises to non-retail investors through convertible bonds or through direct equity share contracts. All Foreign Institutional Investors are invited for private equity by default. Apart from FII, maximum 200 NII (non-institutional investors) can be invited for private equity investments. Cross over product deals will last stage of such private equity placements.

Fundamental idea of investment in quality pre-IPO enterprises is to participate early in the growth of a given enterprise. It is difficult for individual retail investor to negotiate individually with pre-IPO companies and analyse quality enterprises which has potential for growth. Although Risk and reward ratio is higher than equity markets, it can definitely be considered as alternate source for diversification.